Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mineskeys+ Download

Mineskeys+ Download


This is just like the Inventory Hotkey where the shortcut keys are fixed. This is only for inventory items.

Free Download: Mediafire Link

Dota Inventory A+ AutoHotkey

Dota Inventory A+ AutoHotkey Download

1. Download the file.
2. Double click and Run.
3. You can see the icon in the status tray.
4. It is automatically set-up.

You can see the pre-built shortcuts for inventory.

Download here: MEDIAFIRE LINK

Dota Hotkeys - Free Download


1. Install Dota Hotkeys.
2. After you pick a Hero, just continue and click on the script of that hero you just picked.
Example: Hero: Shadow Fiend -> Click on "Sentinel Heroes"->
"7. Scourge - Twilight Tavern - Shadow Fiend" and it works.

3. Script/Dota Hotkeys are now activated.

Q= S / Stop
W= H / Hold
E= A / Attack
R= O / Hero Abilities/Skills

A= First Skill
S= Second Skill
D= Third Skill
F= Ultimate Skill/Last Skill
G= Side Skills

c = item slot - up - first
v = item slot - up - second
y = item slot - middle - first
x = item slot - middle - second

Download Here: MediaFire Link